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George Talks About the Different Directions of ‘The Winds of Winter’ & ‘Game of Thrones’

With season seven of A Game of Thrones less than a week away, a lot of people are wondering what the biggest differences will be in story line and plot between Game of Thrones  & A Song of Ice and Fire. We get a somewhat hidden and very brief update on the diverging story lines and character arcs from the one and only George R.R. Martin himself.

This Article does contain some minor book spoilers but NO show spoilers

Book vs Show

With season seven of Game of Thrones less than a week away, a lot of people are wondering what the biggest differences will be in story line and plot between Game of Thrones  & A Song of Ice and Fire. You can only have so much detail and fit so much story into a T.V. show, so cuts had to be made and aspects tweaked. We get a somewhat hidden and very brief update on the diverging story lines and character arcs from the one and only George R.R. Martin himself.

From the beginning, producers Dan and Dave have made changes big and small to the HBO hit series to better fit the T.V. audience.  On top of that, now the sixth season that released in 2016 have them floating into uncharted space, surpassing the book content.

They have defended their version of the story and are adamant that it will not ruin or spoil the books. This is straight from them in a recent interview with Time Entertainment.

Time: To what degree do you feel it needs to be perfectly congruent with the vision of the endgame of the novels that Martin presented to you?

BENIOFF: It’s already too late for that. We’re already well past the point of it jibing 100 percent. We’ve passed George and that’s something that George always worried about — the show catching up and ultimately passing him — but the good thing about us diverging at this point is that George’s books will still be a surprise for readers who have seen the show. Certain things that we learned from George way back in that meeting in Santa Fe are going to happen on the show, but certain things won’t. And there’s certain things where George didn’t know what was going to happen, so we’re going to find them out for the first time too, along with millions of readers when we read those books. Some people wish we would wait until the books were finished to finish the show, but George works on his own schedule, which is the way any good writer should do it. He shouldn’t be beholden to a TV schedule to finish his novels, that would be completely artificial and would not serve him well. But we do have these actors and they’re getting older, and we have to finish.

Well said. The reason the show is surpassing the books is because the fifth book A Dance With Dragons was released exactly six years ago, on July 12, 2011!

Today is the 6 year anniversary of

A Dance With Dragons!!

giphy-downsized-large (1)

To give you a comparison the shows first season was also released in 2011 but a little earlier in the year on April 17th. So it looks like they filmed an entire seven season television show in less time it took to write the 6th book.

Don’t get me wrong I am not complaining about the wait! I am OK with the long wait because I am sure that George will deliver and we will get an amazing 6th book.

There has been some speculation by hardcore fans that the reason this book has taken six years to write is George plans to release both the 6th book, The Winds of Winter, AND the 7th book, A Dream of Spring at the SAME TIME. pure juicy speculation…

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George R.R. Martin’s Most Recent Comments

Just a few days ago we received an update via comments from George R.R. Martin’s Not A Blog about the diverging story lines from the book and the show and how they will compare.


In response to his recent blog post, one fan asked:

I’m sorry but… I don’t like “Game of Thrones”, I know that the show is the show and your books are your books, but I don’t like it.
Please, tell me that TWOW will diverge from the show in terms of storylines.

This is what George responded with:

WINDS will be different in some ways, but will parallel the show in others. At this point, there are probably a dozen characters who are dead on the show but alive in the books, so it would be impossible for the two to remain the same. (Also, of course, there are characters in the books who have never even existed on the show, like Victarion Greyjoy, Jon Connington, Penny, Arianne Martell..)

From this update we do not get too much new information but in a world of almost non existent updates, its at least something.

Why mention those specific four characters?

They will most likely have a bigger role to play in The Winds of Winter. Lets take a look and see where we last left off with them.

Victarion Greyjoy
On his way to Mereen, he loses over 45 ships on the way and gets wounded during a ship fight which causes his hand to become infected. Currently he is with his Iron Fleet, the dusky woman, a maester, a red priest of R’hllor name Moqorro, and his very own dragon binding horn. All of these are sketchy gifts given to him by Euron except Moqorro, the red priest who very well could of been delivered by the drowned god.

Jon Connington
Jon contracted greyscale earlier in the book by coming into contact with some who had it. This happend when rescuing Tyrion from death in the Rhoyne river. After Tyrion parts ways with their group, Prince Aegon is revealed to the Golden Company  and they make their way to Jon’s old home in Westeros, Griffins Roost.

Penny is the animal jousting dwarf. Her and Tyrion are taken as slaves and are currently ouside Mereen, among the sellswords of the enemies against Daenerys Targaryen. Their slave master dies from the Pale Mare so they flee to the company of a sell sword, Brown Ben Plumm. Tyrion is kind of mentally unstable right now from all the trauma he has gone through and decides to make a deal with Ben for all the gold in Casterly Rock in exchange for a place in the second sons.

Arianne Martell
Not much happens with the Dorne storyline in A Dance with Dragons.  Arianne is last seen meddling in the plans for Ser Balon to bring back Myrcella to King’s landing.  As if one Kingsguard wasn’t enough. We have not seen Myrcella since she was almost chopped in half during Ariannes first ploy with the Kingsguard.


So What Does This Mean?

Could this be a discrete hit list and all four of these characters die in TWOW? Who knows! We know death is coming and the Winters are hard enough without the Long Night and the White Walkers so things should get interesting. Until then we can stay busy with the new season of Game of Thrones and all the tin foil theories that will come with it.

I for one can not wait for the Winds of Winter and am happy with both how the book and T.V. show are turning out. Its a pretty big unrealistic expectation to compare a book and a television show. Both are very different and books are usually better and more detailed. Good things come to those who wait so lets hope The Winds of Winter is really really good.


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2 comments on “George Talks About the Different Directions of ‘The Winds of Winter’ & ‘Game of Thrones’

  1. I’m not complaining either, but the wait for TWOW is downright agonizing! It’s so cool to think the show will tell it’s own story, and so will the books – they start out as exact carbon copies in book/season 1, but really start to carve out their own paths soon after. Victarion was such a badass character, I couldn’t wait to see him on the show and now since it’s pretty clear we aren’t getting him, it’s more to look forward to when the book releases.

    The idea that books 6 and 7 would drop at the same time is something that makes me more happy than I could possibly describe… I need to keep my hopes in check after reading that!

    • Yeah there are a lot of conflicting things on Victorian’s ship so I can’t wait to see how things play out.

      I’m somewhat of a believer that Euron is warging into the dusky woman to keep tabs on him. I’m really interested to see the extent of Euron’s greenseer abilities or whatever blood magic he has up his sleeve.

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