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Best and Worst Moments In ‘Game Of Thrones’: Highs & Lows 1-6

The best and worst moments in the first six season of a game of thrones.

Spoiler Alert! This article contains Game of Thrones Season 1-6 Spoilers.

The Highs And Lows Of 

‘Game Of Thrones’

Six years ago, A Game of Thrones, came to television and flipped the entire industry upside down. Based off of A Song of Ice and Fire, characters don’t have indestructible plot armor and most do things that make you love them then hate them or vise versa.  This type of uncertainty is more prevalent in books than television but that will soon change and you will see more T.V. producers following suite.

In preparation for season seven being released in less than than two weeks a proper rewatch of the first six seasons was in order to refresh the brain on all those plotlines and small details. The Winterfell Crypt’s bring you the best and worst Game of Thrones moments from each season. These are the events that had huge defining moments in the T.V. show for the plot and characters alike.

Highs & Lows

Season 1 Low: The Beheading of Ned Stark

Ned-Stark-Baelor.jpg pic 1

Episode: Baelor

The worst moment in the first season is by far the beheading of Eddark Stark, Lord of Winterfell. Ned makes a false confession in exchange for saving his family and being sent to the wall but the prepubescent king Joffrey has other plans and has him beheaded immediately. Because of this Robb will go to war with the Lannister’s and make enemies with anyone who sympathies with the Starks.

Season 1 High: Dany Hatches Three Baby Dragons


Episode: Fire and Blood

The best moment of the first season was the hatching of three dragon eggs by Daenerys during the season finale. The last known dragon in world died around 145 years ago and now Dany has the only three. This is a bittersweet moment because while she gained weapons of mass destruction, Dany lost her husband and her unborn child, Rhaego, in the process.

Season 2 Low: The Sack & Burning of Winterfell

game-of-thrones-valar-morghulis-3 (2)

Episode: Valar Morghulis

One of the worst moment this season is the burning of Winterfell and the death of Maester Luwin.  Luwin is stabbed with a spear by Theon’s right hand man Dagmer just as the Ironborn are betraying Theon.  Luwin manages to stay alive and speak with Bran and Rickon before Osha gives him a quick death in the Godswood and the last Starks depart Winterfell. This is important because house Stark was an original first men family that came to the north and were never invaded by the Andals or removed. Oh, and the whole “There must always be a Stark in Winterfell” thing.

Season 2 High: Tyrion’s Victory on Blackwater Bay


Episode: Blackwater

Battle of the Blackwater was the highlight of season two.  This battle was a big victory for Tyrion and a defining moment of his character. We get to see his military prowess and bravery in the face of death. He manages to destroy most of Stannis’s fleet with wildfire and hold off the charge until Tywin shows up with the bulk of the Lannister forces. The Lannister’s now have total control of King’s Landing with Stannis’s forces being demolished.

Season 3 Low: The Red Wedding


Episode: The Rains of Castamere

This season has the infamous Red Wedding. Walder Frey break guest right and executes a terrible massacre of the Stark forces that he planned with Tywin Lannister. The Freys with a little help from the Bolton’s surprise and kill Robb Stark, his wife, his unborn child, his mom, his direwolf, and most of his northern army.

Season 3 High: Brienne the Beauty VS. the Bear


Episode: The Bear and the Maiden Fair

For me this season was all about seeing Jamie play and develop into the anti-hero.  After a rough beginning in the War of the Five Kings, Jamie gets his sword hand cut off by Vargo Hote on his way to Roose Bolton.  Roose, who is now allies with the Lannisters because of the Red Wedding, promptly frees him and sets him on his way to the safety of King’s Landing. He first leaves without Brienne but goes back to save her once he finds out her fate in the bear pit.  He owes it to her after she helped him emotionally after loosing his hand and protecting him along the way. These are Jamie’s first steps for redeeming himself and his honor.

Season 4 Low: Defeat of Mance Rayder & Death of Ygritte


Episode: The Watchers on the Wall

The worst moment of season four is the defeat of the wildling army at the Wall & the death of Ygritte, Jon Snow’s spearwife.  The Night’s Watch is almost 8000 years old and so old in fact that their overall missions has faded with time.  They think the free folks are dangerous, but why because they are free? They are men just like the people of the seven kingdoms and there is an even bigger army in the deep north. The sooner that everyone comes to realize that the White Walkers are the real threat the better. Fear is for the winter.

Season 4 High: Tyrion Confronts His Father


Episode: The Children

One of the best moments in season four was Tyrion discovering who he really was,.. Tywin’s son.  Throughout his life Tyrion’s father treated him like dog dirt because he was a dwarf and appearances are everything to the Lannister’s.  Tywin idolized Jamie because he was handsome and a great warrior but when it comes down to it, Tyrion’s personality is more like Tywin than Jamie’s is. Tyrion and Tywin are way more alike either of them want to admit. We get this discovery by Tyrion in the season finale as he says “I have always been your son,” as he drives a crossbow bolt into Tywin’s heart, killing him on the toilet.

Season 5 Low: The True Power of the White Walkers


Episode: Hardhome

The first real look at the true threat to men. Jon Snow heads north to Hardhome, beyond the Wall, to save as many of the 5000 wildlings that are camped up there as he can. He does this because he knows it is right and can use the wildings to bolster his ranks at the Wall to fight the White Walkers. Shortly after arriving they are attacked by the White Walkers and their wight army.  The free folk are massacred in a very short time and most of the 5000 become wights themselves after they are resurrected by the night king with very few escaping. This is the boldest attack the White Walkers has made so far in the series.

*The burning of Shireen was a very close 2nd but did not make the cut because Stannis is an idiot in the show.

Season 5 High: Arya’s List Gets A Little Shorter


Episode: Mother’s Mercy

Arya makes the list this season for her exploits in Bravo’s. Fate brings Ser Meryn Trant of the Kingsguard to Bravo’s as the main escort for the current Master of Coin. Arya sees him on the docks while on her first major assassination mission from the Faceless Men and follows him later on to a brothel.  We get to see what skills Arya has learned from the FM as she disguises her face as a young girl. Things get underway, Arya removes her face and stabs Meryn in both eyes and multiple times in the chest before revealing her identity and calling him “no one”. We get to see Arya continue checking more names off her list.

Season 6 Low: The Transition Of Power to Cersei

sept of baelor bu.png

Episode:  The Winds of Winter

On the season six finale we get a little taste of madness and mass destruction.  Cersei feels backed into a corner by her enemies in King’s Landing and decides that the only way out is murdering everyone! She takes things into her own hands and ignites a large amount of wildfire that is underneath the Great Sept of Baelor during her trial that she conveniently skipped. The entire Sept is destroyed and all the Tyrell’s in King’s Landing are wiped out at once.  Cersei created a huge consolidation of power and now she controls it all.

Season 6 High: Retaking of Winterfell by Jon Snow


Episode: Battle of the Bastards

Our favorite bastard and least favorite bastard came together for one of the best battles in the series. We get to see Jon Snow take on Ramsey Bolton to take back Winterfell. Ramsey, a terrible human being, who is very reckless and immature decides to meet the Stark’s out in the open field. Things dont look good for Jon and the Stark forces and when all seems to be lost, Littlefinger and the Vale army show up and quickly turn the tide by defeating the Bolton forces. Since season 2  the Starks have had no where to call home so it feels good seeing them back in control of the castle.

Winding Down

Even with all the material they had to cut from the books, David Benioff and D.B. Weiss did an amazing job in bringing this story to the television screen. Originally George wanted to write a book that was too big and epic to even be considered for the big screen but that was twenty years ago and technology has exploded. Even if a few plotlines had to be butchered to get the job done… I’m looking at you, Stannis and Dorne. Game of Thrones will be something to be watched and enjoyed for years to come. Now we just need the Winds of Winter!

Please share and comment below. Let us know what some of your high and low moments are from the first six seasons!

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  1. Good list.

    …of course the lows are highs in their own right. Damned good storytelling to be that cruel to the characters we care about.

    • Agreed! I really enjoy that style of character writing. Books have always been great at making you love characters then grieve over their loss so hopefully we see more Television show content like that.

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