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The Hound: Anti-Hero, or Villain?

*Spoiler Alert! This article contains some minor Game of Thrones Book & Show Spoilers.

The Hound: Anti-Hero, or Villain?

Why is Sandor Clegane such a badass in game of thrones? He is the perfect anti-hero. Scarred and deformed, because of his mentally unstable brother, he fled his home after his father died in a mysterious “hunting accident“. After escaping both the mental and physical abuse of his family he made his way to play surrogate father to Joffrey and joined the Lannisters.

“I understand that if any more words come pouring out your cunt mouth, I’m gonna have to eat every fucking chicken in this room.”
-The Hound

Lets take a look at some of his accomplishments and good deeds: 

  • He has never been knighted yet made it into the Kingsguard, one of the most prestigious positions for a fighter in the seven kingdoms.
  • Saves Loras Tyrell from “The Mountain” at the Hand’s Tourney.
  • Saves Sansa Stark from an angry King’s landing mob of would be rapists.
  • Trys to bring Arya back home and takes care of her in the process.

Now lets take a look at some of his not so great moments: 

  • Sandor chases down and kills Mycah, the butchers boy. When returning he mentions to Ned Stark “He ran. Not very fast.”
  • Partakes in cutting down Winterfell soldiers during the arrest of Ned Stark.
  • Leads the assault on The Red Keep to Slaughter Ned’s entourage and to capture Sansa.
  • Robs a Farmer and his daughter Sally in the Riverlands after they sheltered and fed them, eventually leading to their death (show).
  • Captures Arya and brings her north to try and ransom her twice.


After Arya and Sandor split up the book and the show diverge in two different directions.

In the book his story stops here and we are not really sure of what happens next. There are a lot of different possible directions that George will go with the character and there is no short supply of fan theories and possible places that Sandor has turned up.

In the show he finds himself heading north for the real war to come with the Brotherhood without Banners and we will find out more about that in a little less than 3 weeks!

One thing we do know is Sandor Clegane really hates 3 things.

  1. His brother “The Mountain”
  2. Fire
  3. Knighthood

So what do you think? Anti-Hero or Villian? He is no knight and proud of it.  He is also loyal to a T and a lot of the negative things he has done in the story were based off of orders and not his own doing.  Sandor will go on to play a much bigger role in both the Book and the Show, even possibly being a contender for the Azor Ahai Prophecy or TPTWP.


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3 comments on “The Hound: Anti-Hero, or Villain?

  1. I’m going to go with anti-hero. He (Jaime, too) is the embodiment of a truly developed, rounded character with his own set of flaws. That list of his bad moments is pretty terrible, but one consistent aspect of his character is he is a soured dude who pretty much plays by his own rules. Right now, it looks like the overall terrible-ness of Westeros has him trending in the right direction of justice, so let’s hope he stays that course! At the very least, I hope we will see him square off with Franken-Mountain.

  2. Definitely the anti-hero. He doesn’t really care about saving the world or anything noble like that. He’s a character that’s very much out for himself and that’s perfectly fine with me as he’s a great character! I know next season he’ll end up fighting by Jon’s side, but I believe it’s more for a chance to benefit himself than his concern about the white walkers.

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