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Top 3 Moments in ‘Dragonstone’ Episode 1: Game of Thrones

Top 3 moments from the first episode, 'Dragonstone' on Game of Thrones season seven. Check back Thursday for the top 3 moments from this weeks episode 'Stormborn'

This post contains spoilers for Season 7 Episode one of A Game of Thrones

Top 3 Moments in ‘Dragonstone’

Winter is here and Game of Thrones is back. Dragonstone was the first episode to premiere for the seventh season of Game of Thrones and everyone had been anticipating its arrival.  We jump back into a few storylines but don’t get to see all the characters from the previous season and we only hear Daenerys speak a few words. Overall the episode is kind of slow with little action minus the mass culling of Freys at the very beginning. You get a feel for how hard it really is to fit everything into the scenes built from that massive world that George R.R. Martin has created.  That is amplified by the fact that we only have seven episodes to look forward to. It will be interesting to see the pace of the next episode since this one seemed a little bland compared to other season premiers. Lets take a look at some of the best moments from the first episode, Dragonstone.

1.  The Hound’s interaction with The Lord of Light

The hound.jpeg

Sandor Clegane has always been a top notch anti-hero in the series and we start back with him in his cold march north with the Brotherhood Without Banners.  They seek shelter in an abandoned building in the Riverlands that the Hound knows all too well. The building is the home of the farmer and daughter that he robbed in season 4 after The Red Wedding.

Inside they find the skeletons of both the farmer and daughter Sally in an assisted suicide that looks like it was done to prevent the suffering of them both starving to death. After Sandor unsuccessful argues a new campsite they settle in for the night.

A little later he and Beric reminiscence about when they first met at the Hands Tournament in King’s Landing and Sandor brings up his multiple resurrections calling him “nothing special.” Thoro’s eventually tells him to look into the flames and to see what the Lord of Light wants has in store for him.

Sandor gets his first dose of paranormal magic and is introduced to multiple visions in the flames. He sees three things:

  1. Ice, A Wall of Ice
  2. A castle where the Wall meets the sea
  3. A mountain that looks like an arrowhead and thousands of dead marching past

These visions are probably about Eastwatch and the White Walker army marching that way from Hardhome, and there might even be some underlying hidden message about his Frankenstein brother The Mountain. We are told by the producers that he doesn’t believe in any religion and he finally sees solid proof of its existence in one of the things he fears most in the world, fire. Lets all hope we get to see him continue his journey onward and see what difference he can make in war against The Night King.

2. Two: The Removal of House Frey

Waldrey frey article

So this scene seemed out of place this season. I kept thinking they found some lost footage in the back of a van from season 6 and snuck it in as some filler.  It would of been better if they swapped the scenes and showed this one as the ending to season 6 and then as a opening to season 7 we see a flashback of the demise of Walder Frey. None the less it was a well done scene with some much needed justice.

From the very beginning of the episode we start with the presumed dead, Walder Frey. The actor who plays the House leader, David Bradley, does an amazing job at making the slow transition from Walder Frey to Face Stealing Arya Stark.  He was able to slowly and nonchalantly introduce small nuances of her character that made us really feel like it was Arya beneath the face. Under guise of a toast, Arya gathers all the Freys in the main hall of the Twins and serves them poisoned wine, killing them all. The Frey’s were asking for it by breaking guest right with the Starks at the Red Wedding.

I’m very curios as to what poison she used to perform the deed because it looks like it would be pretty rare to be non detectable and that fast acting.

3. The Burn of Petyr Baelish

We get to see Sansa and her new confidence, shut down Peter Baelish when he tries to approach her at Winterfell.

This was a great scene. The dialogue between Brienne, Tormund, and Podrick  was a little awkward but it was nice to see Sansa with more confidence and trying to act with authority. She might of gone a tad bit overboard at the Northern meeting by trying to argue against Jon but everything she has tried up until this point has not worked very well so she needs to switch it up. Lets just hope any turmoil in the north is short lived this season and revenge for Ned Stark will come swift and justly.

Bonus: Ed Sheeran’s Game of Thrones Debut

I was surprised to see all the hate that Ed Sheeran got on  for his cameo on Game of Thrones. I could somewhat agree with what people were saying about his iconic image taking you out of the fantasy world but no one deserves that kind of treatment from the fans. It was easy to move on with the episode and look past it. I really enjoyed  the nod to the books in the song they were singing.  I think they could of did things differently to get a better outcome like disguised his character or have Arya kill him as a bystander. I mean come on! Who wouldn’t want to get murdered by Arya Stark?

The End

So that’s it, the top three moments from the first episode.  There was some other good moments but these are the ones that made our list. Keep an eye out on Thursday for another Top 3 for the Second episode of Season 7. Comment below and let us know what other scenes you enjoyed for the season premiere.

Season 4 scenes with Arya, The Hound, and the Riverland farmer with his daughter.

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  1. Couldn’t agree more with this list and the order it’s in. Continue to love what they’re doing with The Hound… a great character who keeps getting better

  2. hehe I loved when Sansa burned Littlefinger!! And the removal of House Frey was amazing!!

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