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What The Hack? Another Game of Thrones Hack

The HBO Hack

It seems like spoilers are inevitable these days. Between large production crews, leaked scripts, and hackers, spoilers are everywhere!  The normal person needs to put up filters and take precautions on social media because there are dedicated soulless people who go around spreading these spoilers far and wide. So far I have not been exposed to them and I have decided to hold out until tomorrow night.  

How bad was the HBO hack?

The massive cyberattack consisted of around 1.5 terabytes of data from the network’s database. This is over 5x the amount of data stolen from the infamous Sony hack in 2014. The data that was stolen included future HBO show’s like Ballers and private financial and employee records. Both the FBI and a cyber-security firm named Mandiant are investigating.  

The good news is NO Game of Thrones episodes were stolen. Crazy enough the leaked episode was from a completely different hack. 

Who were the hackers?

The hackers go by the name little.finger66. Seriously I’m not kidding.. giphy (1).gif




What do they want?

An email sent to the Hollywood Reporter suggest that the hackers demanded some type of ransom that HBO did not meet. This has not been confirmed by HBO. 

How did Episode 4 Get Leaked?

So on top of all this bad news about hacking there was another leak across the globe in India. The Indian distributor, Star India, was breached by another group of hackers and they released the new episode “The Spoils of War” two days early. 

How should we handle people who release and share spoilers?

Here are a few ideas:



















Really though its not a huge deal if you break down and end up watching it. Just don’t spoil it for others or post information where unsuspecting people may see it. Also remember to stay tuned Sunday night for your rewatch.

High viewing numbers = a bigger budget.

What are some of your opinions on spoilers? Will you be watching the episode early?

[Sources: Pictures from HBO’s hit series Game of thrones]

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  1. Jason Weeks

    Just dosent feel right,its like buying your buddy’s stolen stuff,then shaking his hand

  2. Is it for the thrill or more sinister? There is no respect for doing the right thing any more. jS.

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